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The Hero
Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX live in a cell in a low security corridor in Site-██. SCP-XXX's cell is furnished plainly, in a manner similar to a dorm room typical of any college age student. SCP-XXX can make requests for any furniture or room adornment as long as it does not violate basic containment protocols. SCP-XXX is free to wander the ground of Site-██ given they stay within the confines of it and do not trespass in restricted areas. SCP-XXX is to be fed three times daily from the on site canteen, and given daily periods of exercise at the staff gym. At minimum at least two guard should be assigned to SCP-XXX at all times, more to protect him from accidentally breaching another SCP's containment and injuring himself rather than causing danger to anyone else. Staff coming into contact with SCP-XXX are cautioned to watch their belongings closely, as the subject suffers from Kleptomania.

SCP-XXX is a Caucasian or mixed-race male appearing approximately in his mid 20s. SCP-XXX is self-described as 'nondescript' with no physical features that particularly make him stand out of a crowd. Subject is 1.8 m tall and slightly overweight at 117 kg. SCP-XXX prefers wearing what is his definition of 'nondescript' clothing, usually simply plan jeans and a solid black or white t-shirt. SCP-XXX very nearly fits a textbook definition of normality, barring his unusual talents. On a standardized IQ test the subject only returned a median score of 105. SCP-XXX is hardly a dangerous combatant and shows no skill or training in any sort of combat other than intuition and simply brawling, and can easily be subdued by Site-██ security with non-lethal weapons if necessary. Staff are also warned with the amount of damage caused towards SCP-XXX as researchers are unsure how many 'lives' the subject has left since he always gives a different number even during aggressive interrogation. Under no circumstance is execution of SCP-XXX authorized, given the normal human durability of the subject and value for continuing research, as well as the fact that SCP-XXX is easily subdued.

SCP-XXX is under the delusion that they are a main character of an electronic video game. They have never given a name to identify themselves and simply state repeatedly that they are, "The Hero, duh." SCP-XXX displays the anomalous behavior of having been executed on multiple occasions, only to be seen in the spot where he was executed some time later. The subject will subsequently 'flash' in and out of view numerous times before becoming corporeal. SCP-XXX is unable or unwilling to disclose how they are capable of this, most likely the former since subject has expired twice during extremely aggressive interrogation sessions. After the second time at risk of permanently destroying SCP-XXX all aggressive and violent interrogation methods have been ceased. When questioned subject will simply reply "I've still got ██ men left dude." Or some equivalent statement. How the subject acquired additional 'lives' or how they know how many they have is unknown.

SCP-XXX is also seemingly able to store a very large but limited number of small to medium sized objects on their person at any one time. When the subject was initially recovered, it took an estimated 3 hours 45 minutes, plus an additional 15 minutes to completely strip SCP-XXX of all of their possessions and (fortunately) weapons. When clothed, most of the time SCP-XXX will simply produce objects from their pockets regardless of whether said object could ever feasibly fit within said space. Other times, and when not clothed SCP-XXX will place their hands behind their back, or out of sight somehow and produce said objects.

During testing, when placed under full 360 degree surveillance subject simply reached out of the camera's visible range and then produced an object. When placed under surveillance at every angle, one camera failed, creating a blind-spot a split second long enough for SCP-XXX to produce an object. How SCP-XXX was able to perceive this, or the visible field of view of the cameras used is unknown. SCP-XXX is also ignorant of the workings of this self-described 'inventory' system. Note that when producing objects, the subject does not seem to use any form of pocket dimension or any other inter-dimensional system of storage, objects simply seem to appear from nowhere, even during slowed video footage viewed frame by frame objects would be absent then present in adjacent frames of video footage.

During routine medical testing Dr. ████ noticed what he though was some sort of anomaly in a skin sample taken from SCP-XXX. Upon viewing it at several thousand times magnification it seems that the physical makeup of SCP-XXX is comprised of digital pixels that come together at a microscopic level to render the form of SCP-XXX. How this is feat is achieved with no internal machinery or projection device is unknown, as at first glance SCP-XXX is anatomically identical to any other human being.

SCP-XXX was recovered roaming the streets of ████████, California in 20██ by the local authorities for petty theft. When it was discovered that the subject was oddly carrying many times the weight and volume of objects it should be possible to carry on their person, Agent ██████, who was posing as a street patrolman subdued and turned over the subject to Foundation custody. As customary with SCPs gained in this fashion the records for his arrest and processing were expunged, as well as mild amnesiacs given to affected parties. At the time SCP-XXX had no identification on them of any kind, and any any record of their existence in an official aspect has yet to be ascertained.

Addendum XXX-1 Transcript of an Interview with SCP-XXX:

Dr. Frost: "Good Morning, XXX"
SCP-XXX: "Who's that?"
Dr. Frost: "You are, that is your designation number. Now, will you tell me how you are able to survive being killed and resurrecting yourself."
XXX: "I'm not XXX, I'm the hero man."
Dr. Frost: "The…hero?"
XXX: "Yeah, of this story. I'm the hero."
[Shuffling of papers]
Dr. Frost: "Alright, then, you're the hero. How have you survived being executed?"
XXX: "My extra lives, don't you have those?"
Dr. Frost: "No I'm afraid the rest of us do not. How are you able to resurrect yourself?"
XXX: "I told you man, my extra lives. I've only got ██ left, so thanks for making this a lot harder."
Dr. Frost: "Making what harder?"
XXX: "Completing my quest!"

At this juncture, conversation went on for several minutes, where Dr. Frost had made the assumption without the results from the medical test that SCP-XXX was suffering form severe delusions where he was sent on a quest by an unknown benefactor to beat the 'final boss'. SCP-XXX admitted they do not know who this boss may be or how they will 'beat' them. When questioned about his ability to store various objects SCP-XXX displayed the same attitude of ignorance, and assumed that all people could store as many items as they liked on themselves at any given time. After this subject was then passively and aggressively interrogated without killing them to garner more information, though attempt was unsuccessful.

Addendum XXX-2 List of Objects recovered from SCP-XXX upon capture:
1- 12 Gauge Shotgun
1- 25 count box of 12 gauge ammunition
1- Tire iron
1- Baseball bat (wood)
1- Frozen Turkey
27- Books, of various size and shape, broad range of subjects
4- Sony Playstation controllers
7- Gameboy Advance Systems
13- Gameboy Advance games, various titles
18- Knives, of various make and model
1- Harpoon gun, no harpoon
1- Small pocket television (broken)
4- 2L bottles of Soda, ████████ brand
48- Wallets, all currency and cards of any type were inside, anything else had been discarded
3- Crowbars
1- Taser, missing cartridge
1- Globe and stand
8- Flashlights, various make an model
Several locks and keys of various make
Several hundred dvds, vhs tapes, and audio cassettes/cds
Hundreds of inkpens, count now standing at 678
Thousands of paperclips, pins, bits of paper and tape, and other misc garbage.
Several Tupperware containers

All collected materials tested and found to be completely ordinary. All objects barring those of high value were incinerated, much to the distress of SCP-XXX
Several changes of clothing, all jeans and solid black or white t-shirts

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