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Just Smart Enough

(just a basic write up to get the idea on here, more to come later as i flesh out the idea)

Picture of scp-xxx in its inactive state (pic to be added later)

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is kept in a 10 m2 standard concrete humanoid containment cell at Site-██ outfitted with a bed and a table to eat at. Protein bars and water are to be placed on the table three (3) times daily. Scp-XXX has shown to be completely docile when inactive, and will eat the food set out for it, and will sleep when needed. Vocalization of any orders within earshot of Scp-xxx is strictly forbidden except when Scp-xxx’s anomalous properties are being tested.

Testing is to be performed only after Scp-xxx has been given sufficient time to eat, failure to allow sufficient time before testing has caused Scp-xxx to become violent and to display a tendency to consume any edible material around it. Tests can be suggested by any level-1 staff, but must be carried out by level- 2 staff or higher due to se

Description: SCP-XXX is a Caucasian male, 155cm tall, of average build, completely bald with dull gray eyes, and approximately 25 years of age, scp-xxx was found in ██████, Oregon

scp-xxx, when left to its own devices displays a dull lifeless expression and sluggish movements, PET-scans of scp-xxx during its "inactive" state have shown no brain activity in areas of the brain not directly related to basic survival needs, and no activity as been seen in any EEG scans done while in its inactive state.

however, when scp-xxx is given any task it enters an "active phase" and all brain activity directly related to the task at hand rise to the minimum level needed to complete the task. testing has shown that scp-xxx needs to be given implicit orders in what to do, when simply told to take an IQ test, it showed no sign of an increase in brain activity, but when told to score 176 on the same test, scp-xxx's brain activity was seen to rise to slightly above the world average.

when asked to undertake a task that involves any psychic activity, such as scp-xxx being told to "lift a rock with your mind" areas of the brain that are normally not used in standard humans, have been seen to show high levels of activity, and other areas of the brain are seen to activate in random and unrelated ways. on rare occasions scp-xxx has shown signs of sentience when asked to perform tasks requireing psychic ability

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