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Log test 1
<Begin Log>

Dr. Poopface: The brown cow jumped over a log to eat some grass in the bad side of town. Gangsters attacked and molested this cow to death. #YOLO.

<End Log>

Item #: SCP-1134

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1134 is to remain in a container of non-reflective and opaque material. Research is to be done only in rooms with good natural lighting, but not outdoors. All researchers and assistants are required to wear shaded eye protection.

Description: SCP-1134 was found by a Mrs. Susan K█████ in an office complex near ███████, IL. Reason for the building's closing is unknown. Mrs. K█████ was treated for temporary blindness, stemming from damage to her eyes.

It appears to be a standard sixty-watt bulb while not connected to an electrical current. The bulb will light up even without filaments. The filaments are cool to the touch even after being placed under high temperatures. Though the bulb appears to be incandescent in structure and properties, the lack of heat during operation and the "absorption" of other lights seems to classify it as fluorescent. SCP-1134 has two "functions" that are performed based on the level of lighting in the area it is activated in.

While it is turned on in a dark room, all other lights will become enabled, regardless of whether they are powered (plugged in, with batteries, etc.) or not. Lights that lack the ability to illuminate the entire room become rapidly brighter until they burn out or offer enough light to fulfill the demand. This causes fluorescent lights to explode if they are too close to SCP-1134. The bulb may be releasing pent-up energy or light from its activation in bright rooms.

If it is turned on in a bright room, then it becomes the only source of light in the room. Other lights will go dim or completely disable. Common lights, such as flashlights or sixty-watt bulbs, will become permanently disabled. Brighter lights will darken while SCP-1134 is active, but will brighten after SCP-1134 is de-activated. Unprotected eyes at this point begin to deteriorate due to a breakdown in the cones and rods. Subjects placed in a room brightened by SCP-1134 begin to visually hallucinate, perhaps due to the rapid degradation of their eyes.

Research Notes:

  • The bulb seems to have no effect on natural lighting. Even if the room is dark with some portion of external lights, SCP-1134 will read it as being a bright room.
  • Strong lights seem to "produce" darkness instead of light.
  • If SCP-1134 is turned on in a bright room with reflective surfaces, then SCP-1134 will continue to grow brighter and draw more energy. No limit has been found on the luminosity of SCP-1134 under these conditions.
  • Wavelengths outside of the visible light spectrum seem to have no effect on SCP-1134. Lights with higher wavelength inside the visible light spectrum seem to emit more "darkness" in previously bright rooms, however.
  • It seems to grow brighter depending on how many lights there are and how close they are.
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